Sunday, December 2, 2012

"A Child Has No Voice"

by Linda Ann

Green Valley, Arizona December 2, 2012 - Released yesterday on, this true story was experienced by a child many years ago and told as an adult many years later. It is a story of child abuse and abandonment set initially in post war Chicago Ill in the late 40's. The book tells of a young couple from very different ethnic backgrounds, and their struggles to make it in spite of limited education, family disfunction, mob affiliation, alcoholism and gambling. Without the benefit of parental guidance and nurturing themselves, this young couple tried to cope the best way they could, but it wasn't enough to keep their young children from experiencing child abuse, extreme cruelty and  at times abandonment. When a child stops smiling in the family photo's, something is wrong. It is estimated there are 60 million survivors of sexual abuse in America.

This book is currently available in paperback version on at,

I personally recommend this book.

Bob Bonville

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